As the world faces the pressing issue of climate change, the automotive industry is making significant strides towards sustainability. During Climate Week in New York City, BMW showcased its commitment to a greener future with the BMW CE 04, an electric scooter that looks like it’s straight out of a sci-fi movie. Against the backdrop of the iconic New York City skyline, the BMW CE 04 dazzled onlookers with its futuristic design and promising environmental credentials.

80 miles of range

The BMW CE 04 was originally unveiled a couple of years ago, but it continues to captivate enthusiasts and environmentalists alike. What sets the CE 04 apart, aside from its jaw-dropping aesthetics, is its innovative electric powertrain and impressive features. One of the most notable features of the BMW CE 04 is its low-mounted 8.9 kWh (60.6 Ah) battery pack. This design not only provides the scooter with an incredibly low center of gravity for enhanced stability but also gives it a unique and eye-catching look. Importantly, it grants the CE 04 an impressive range of 130 kilometers (80 miles), a range similar to the original BMW i3, making it a practical option for urban commuting.

45 minutes charging from 20-80 percent

Charging the BMW CE 04 is a breeze. Even when using a standard home charger, the scooter can go from flat to full in just 4 hours and 20 minutes. With a 6.9 kW wallbox charger, this time is significantly reduced to just an hour and 40 minutes. For those in a hurry, a 20-80 percent charge with a 6.9 kW charger takes a mere 45 minutes, making it highly convenient for daily use.

The heart of the BMW CE 04 is its electric motor, which generates 31 kW (42 horsepower). While this might not seem blistering by electric car standards, it is more than adequate for a scooter. In the lower output L3e-A1 vehicle class, it still packs a respectable 23 kW (31 horsepower). Both versions boast a top speed of 120 km/h (74 mph), ensuring that riders can keep up with city traffic effortlessly.

Starts at $11,795

The BMW CE 04, however, is not a budget-conscious commuter bike. With a starting MSRP of $11,795, it’s clear that this scooter won’t give access to the masses or solve inner-city smog problems overnight. It’s a premium city bike, hammering home the point that, in this setting at least, electric bikes can go toe to toe with the petrol burners and, in many ways, come out on top.

In a world where urban mobility is undergoing a green revolution, the BMW CE 04 stands out as a symbol of sustainable transportation. Its futuristic design, impressive range, quick charging capabilities, and dynamic performance make it a compelling choice for urban commuters looking to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing style or convenience. As cities around the world embrace electric mobility, the BMW CE 04 is poised to lead the charge towards a cleaner and greener future on two wheels.