BMW doesn’t sell a 760i in Europe to the average Joe but there’s still a way to have a 7 Series with a V8 engine on the Old Continent. The recently launched Protection model is an armored full-size luxury sedan motivated by the same twin-turbo 4.4-liter “S68” engine the North American variant of the G70 has had since day one. A new ad shot in Sofia, Bulgaria features the most expensive and heaviest 7er as if it’s part of a movie scene.

As expected, the VIP sits in the back of the armored cocoon which provides a relative ease of mind thanks to its VR9 certification. As is almost always the case with specialty vehicles like the 7 Series Protection, it looks nearly the same as the regular car since the people who own such cars don’t want to stand out. Why? Doing so would turn them into more of a target in the eyes of attackers. When all hell breaks loose, the car can be a literal life-saver thanks to its fresh-air supply system and fire extinguisher with both automatic and manual discharge.

Codenamed G73, the 7 Series Protection is not exclusively available with the V8 since BMW also sells this model as a fully electric i7 that weighs an astounding 4,900 kilograms (10,802 pounds). If we were to be in the position to actually need an armored car, we’d honestly take the 760i over the i7 since the latter has a driving range of just 380 kilometers (236 miles). We would be more relaxed knowing the gasoline presumably lasts longer than the juice inside the battery pack.

Deliveries to customers are scheduled to start in December 2023 but bear in mind this isn’t the only armored model BMW is selling. There’s also an X5 Protection based on the X5 M60i with VR6 certification. It too has the S68 engine and a similar variety of special equipment such as an intercom, flag poles, and extra flashing lights.

Source: BMW