200 kilogram doors and an overall weight of 4,900 kilogram should tell you the story of this BMW i7 Protection. But in case it doesn’t, we went upclose with the new security vehicle to learn more about it. The BMW i7 Protection (G73) stands out as a high-priced vehicle with a unique position in the market, lacking a direct or even remotely comparable competitor.

A long history of BMW Protection Vehicles

According to BMW, there is no other electric car available that combines both armor and a strong sustainability focus, making it a standout choice for customers seeking a high level of protection. And apparently, there are quite a few around the world. This new BMW Protection Vehicle builds upon previous generations 7 Series cars and also other models like the X5 Protection.

1,500 kg heavier than regular i7

There are plenty of interesting specs on this i7 Protection. The additional armor adds over 1,500 kilograms to a base i7 xDrive60. The door glass is about 3 inches thick and you can see it and feel it also. Despite being quite heavy, the i7 can still run from 0 to 100 km/h (0-62) in around 9 seconds.

Protection Core

What truly sets the BMW i7 Protection apart is its innovative Protection Core, a feature that distinguishes it from conventional armored vehicles in the civilian market. Unlike the typical approach of adding armor as an additional layer on the existing body, the Protection Core replaces the standard components with armor steel of the required strength. This complex strategy results in a considerably smaller footprint. Therefore, passengers also have a lot more interior room.

Additional, this Protection Core design ensures that occupants are safeguarded not only from potential drone attacks utilizing explosive charges but also from shrapnel resulting from the detonation of hand grenades, for instance.

Even the iDrive infotainment system has been designed specifically for this BMW i7 Protection. A special menu gives the driver and passengers access to bespoke features, like controlling intercom system and lights, communication with the outside world, and others. Some of them are quite secret and BMW didn’t feel comfortable with us taking photos of them.

These new protection vehicles will come to the IAA Mobility 2023 international motor show in Munich and will reach customers requiring specialized protection starting in December 2023. Both models are crafted at BMW Group Plant Dingolfing and provide tailored protection against firearms and explosives, classified as class VR9 protection based on international test criteria. BMW also offers special Protection driver training courses.