In the picturesque town of Weimar, nestled in the heart of Thuringia, resides Florian, a 35-year-old professional driver and fervent car enthusiast. Florian’s garage is a sanctuary for BMW aficionados, housing a collection of both historic and high-performance models. However, among his prized possessions, one vehicle stands out as the crown jewel of his collection – his very own patrol car, or so it seems.

Florian’s automotive passion led him down a unique path, where he decided to transform his BMW M5 Competition into a striking police car replica. To achieve this, he adorned his vehicle with police-like livery, complete with a faux blue light system affixed using suction cups. It’s important to note that Florian emphasizes that these blue lights are for display purposes only and have no real law enforcement function.

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But why would someone go to such lengths to make their car resemble a police vehicle? The answer lies in Florian’s desire to make a memorable impression at trade fairs and tuning meetings. With a jaw-dropping 626 horsepower beneath the hood and a top speed exceeding 300 km/h, his modified BMW M5 Competition ensures he stands out from the crowd.

However, the question of legality arises. Can one transform their car into what appears to be a police vehicle without running afoul of the law? According to Florian, all modifications fall within legal boundaries. He consulted with the police beforehand, ensuring that his use of “race management” rather than “police” for the lettering was acceptable. Moreover, the silver stripes adorning the vehicle are not reflective, ensuring they do not impersonate real police markings. When driving in traffic, the blue light system must remain off the roof. Additionally, he clarifies that he is not a police officer and does not engage in any traffic enforcement.

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Florian’s BMW M5 Competition might not be a genuine police car, but it certainly adds an element of surprise and excitement to the roads of Weimar. With its striking appearance and powerful performance, it’s no wonder that other motorists yield the right of way when they spot this unique “race management” BMW on the highway.

[Source: BILD / Photos:]