A look at the online configurator for an M product shows BMW offers a wide array of customization for its sports cars. The M4 G82 represents a perfect example since you can order the high-performance coupe with a multitude of cosmetic tweaks. Case in point, this high-end build exhibited in Germany at the Motorworld München has its fair share of optional goodies.

For starters, it’s painted in one of the most recognizable colors of the modern BMW era – Fire Orange.  The striking hue has been combined with the carbon fiber exterior package as well as the M graphics that were introduced as an option last year. Mind you, that’s not a decal glued to the body but rather actual paint with a glossy finish. Interestingly, this must be an older car (pre-2023) since it has the old iDrive 7, with all vehicles built from this spring being equipped with iDrive 8.

Known as the M Grafik at home in Germany, the painted stripes are a pricey €1,800 option and can be had in either black as seen here, or in red. The most interesting part is at the rear where the predominantly black trunk lid retains the original Fire Orange paint illustrating the prominent “///M4” logo. The hood follows a similar theme by accentuating the name of the model to show there’s no such thing as having too many badges and logos, according to BMW that is.

The German luxury brand is far from being done with sprucing up the M4 since 2024 will see the introduction of a Life Cycle Impulse. Already spied, the LCI variant will have sharper-looking headlights and will serve as the basis for a hotter CS version. In addition, rumor has it the xDrive model is getting a bump in power. Expect the facelifted M4 to enter production in July, so the world premiere could take place next spring.

The G82 has had its shelf life allegedly extended until mid-2027.

Source: rsDrive / YouTube