Breaking news in the automotive world! According to a source, Timo Resch, the Vice President of Customer, Brand, and Sales at BMW M, departed from the company in the previous month. Less than two years ago, Resch came from BMW Motorrad to lead the sales and marketing efforts at BMW M. It is rumored that he is now in line to assume the role of CEO at Porsche North America. Of course, no official confirmation yet and this information is based on sources close to BMW, not Porsche.

Previously worked at Porsche and Audi

Resch is no stranger of Porsche. He started his career at Porsche in 1998 as a development engineer until 2003. He held various positions at Porsche of North America from 2003 until 2009 when he moved inside the Volkswagen Group. He was the Director Product Marketing Markets, Pricing, Launch at AUDI AG.

In 2014, he joins BMW as Vice President Product Management Grand Series, followed by a long sting at BMW Motorrad as VP of Sales and Marketing. Now his tenure at BMW M comes to an end and it’s unclear who his successor will be.

Last month, Dr. Kjell Gruner, President and CEO of Porsche Cars North America since 2020, announced his intention to leave Porsche, effective July 6th 2023. In the interim, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Joe Lawrence and Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Thierry Kartochian, jointly led the Porsche of North America business.

If Resch will take over the Porsche USA business, it’s likely that there is a cooling period before he can transition into the new role. Senior executives typically have a contractual provision that prohibits them from promptly commencing work for a rival company. Of course, there are exceptions from this rule.

In his brief tenure at BMW M, Resch was allegedly instrumental in advocating for various products, notably a prospective BMW M2 xDrive. In conversations with BMWBLOG, he conveyed his enthusiasm for introducing more captivating models to cater to the devoted BMW M enthusiast base.

We reached out to BMW M for a confirmation on his departure from the company and will update the article with their response!