The automotive world is filled with enthusiasts who have a deep passion for cars, and sometimes that passion evolves into a mission to create something unique. Such is the story of AUTOID’s TR87 kit which has transformed the G87 M2 into an aggressive-looking sportscar. TRE, a manufacturer of high-performance aftermarket car parts, produced the aero kit for this G87 M2. The aerodynamic package encompasses a range of components crafted from top-tier 2×2 twill pre-preg carbon fiber, including a front splitter, front bonnet, side fender trim, side skirts, rear wing, and rear bumper spats.

This aero enhancement concept not only aims to give the new M2 with a motorsport-inspired aesthetic but also serves the dual purpose of shedding excess weight from the vehicle. One standout feature of the TR87 kit is the wing, which plays a pivotal role in enhancing the car’s visual appeal. and performance. Another particularly notable element is the carbon fiber front splitter which enhances the aerodynamics of the G87 M2. This component streamlines the airflow, consequently minimizing drag, heightening downforce, and effectively channeling supplementary air into the front brake ducts.

To craft these lightweight components, the engineers at TRE harnessed the capabilities of advanced computer-aided design (CAD) techniques, complemented by 3D-scanned data extracted from the real G87 M2 model. Consequently, the company assures unmatched fitment precision and a cohesive design that seamlessly merges with the distinctive style of the M2. But it’s not all about aero parts. The AUTOID’s BMW M2 comes with CSL-inspired yellow racing lights and lightweight HRE wheels. Judging by these images, the M2 was also lowered for a better stance and improved driving dynamics.

For those considering upgrading their G87 M2 with the TR87 kit, AUTOID has gone the extra mile to offer guidance. The team has produced a comprehensive installation video that walks enthusiasts through every step of the process. This valuable resource ensures that the installation experience is as rewarding as the end result, making the transformation accessible to a wider audience.

[Source: AUTOID / Photos: @Rtwenty3@crsxe]