The next generation BMW M5 Touring was just spotted for the first time. A prototype, featuring a heavy camo, was photographed earlier today as it was doing it’s usual testing rounds. Remaining faithful to its M heritage, the upcoming BMW M5 Touring (G99) embraces a wide body design that sets it apart unmistakably from the regular 5 Series models. The rear fenders boast striking flares, providing a distinct visual differentiation for the G90/G99 M5. Judging by these spy photos (see here), this G99 BMW M5 Touring runs on 20-inch front and 21-inch rear wheels.

The focal point of the interior is a large curved display, likely powered by iDrive 8.5. The inclusion of M Sports seats as a standard feature, along with the option to upgrade to carbon bucket seats, caters to both comfort and sportiness, accommodating diverse customers.

Around 718 Horsepower

Combining a dynamic plug-in hybrid powertrain with a potent V8 engine, the 2024 BMW M5 Touring (G99) promises to be one of the most thrilling BMWs ever manufactured. Concealed within its sleek design, the upcoming G99 BMW M5 Touring proudly embraces electrification with its plug-in hybrid system. This powertrain – as seen in the XM – boasts a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine. Paired with an electric motor, the M5 Touring’s powertrain is expected to unleash a staggering 718 horsepower, at least in its base model.

With the incorporation of a 700+ horsepower hybrid powertrain, the new BMW M5 Touring unmistakably demonstrates its ambition to claim the title of the fastest M5 ever produced. While exact performance figures are still unknown, all indications point towards the M5 Touring outperforming its predecessors in both acceleration and top speed. The new S68 V8 engine, working in tandem with the instantaneous torque from the electric motor, will effortlessly offset any weight penalty from the battery pack, resulting in astonishing acceleration capabilities.

Coming to the United States

Following our initial report on the anticipated arrival of the BMW M5 Touring , BMW has now officially confirmed this exciting news last month. Even though the company has stopped short of confirming the car for the US market, we can say with confidence that it will.

Production of the G99 M5 Touring will begin in November 2024, following the launch of the G90 M5 sedan in July 2024. With numerous car events lined up next year, keep an eye out for the M5 models stealing the spotlight worldwide.