The 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed just kicked off, and MINI is geared up to leave an impression with its lineup of cars. One model that is generating a lot of buzz is the Concept ACEMAN, which made its UK debut at the event. This electric crossover paves the way for its production version, expected to hit the market in 2024.

2024 MINI ACEMAN to be Available Exclusively as an Electric Model

So far MINI has been quite generous in sharing details about the ACEMAN. The car will be available exclusively as an electric model, with two versions on offer: the E and SE. The E version will pack 181 horsepower and a 40-kWh battery, while the SE will boast 215 horsepower and a 54-kWh battery. The range of the ACEMAN will vary depending on the battery size, ranging from 300 kilometers (186 miles) to 400 kilometers (249 miles).

ACEMAN to be Manufactured in China at New Factory

In terms of dimensions, the 2024 MINI ACEMAN will measure 4075 millimeters (160.4 inches) in length, 1495 mm (59 in) in height, and will have a wheelbase of 2605 mm (102.5 in). It’s worth noting that production of the ACEMAN will not take place in Oxford, as is customary for MINI models. Instead, it will be manufactured in China at a new factory owned by Spotlight Automotive. This factory is a 50:50 joint venture between the BMW Group and Great Wall Motor.

Sleek Coupe-Style Profile with Tapered Greenhouse

When it comes to design, the upcoming four-door MINI ACEMAN will showcase a sleek coupe-style profile. Its distinctive feature includes a tapered greenhouse that adds a touch of elegance to the rear. MINI has also revamped the traditional headlights, giving them a futuristic makeover. The headlights now boast a more modern appearance, accentuated by matrix LED lights seamlessly integrated into the faux front grille. This fresh design direction adds an extra level of sophistication to the ACEMAN’s overall aesthetic.

Rugged Charm with Square Wheel Arches and 20-Inch Wheels

The MINI ACEMAN’s side profile exudes a rugged charm, thanks to its almost square wheel arches that are adorned with plastic cladding. This clever use of cladding adds a touch of toughness to the overall design. Contributing to its striking presence are the 20-inch wheels, which enhance the car’s silhouette, giving it an imposing stance.

MINI has also given attention to the rear design of the ACEMAN. The taillights have been completely redesigned, now arranged in a vertical stack and incorporating the iconic Union Jack graphics. This distinctive feature pays homage to the brand’s British heritage. Additionally, the side design of the MINI ACEMAN is characterized by flush door handles and clean, sleek surfaces, contributing to its overall refined appearance.

Naturally, certain design elements are expected to undergo changes in the production version of the ACEMAN. Speaking of the series car, MINI has emphasized that the ACEMAN is intended to be a global product, fueling hopes that it will eventually be available in all markets. However, for the time being, the MINI ACEMAN will be exclusively launched in China in 2024, catering to the Chinese market specifically.

MINI x Pokémon

Last year, MINI joined forces with Pokémon to create a new in-car experience featuring the beloved character Pikachu. Through its new Experience Mode, MINI will bring Pikachu to life inside the car, immersing passengers in a unique and engaging adventure. MINI says that this immersive integration of Pikachu into the interior adds an element of fun and enchantment to every journey.