Rather than publishing a press release and sharing official images, BMW decided to just bring the i5 M60 with M Performance Parts to the Welt in Munich for visitors to discover on their own. The electric M Performance version of the new 5 Series is already the most expensive G60 money can buy (until the M5 arrives in 2024) but it goes without saying adding MPP will make it even pricier. It’s unclear how much this one cost, but judging by the long list with extras, it’ll definitely set you back six figures in Germany where the i5 M60 stars at €99,500. In the United States, it kicks off at a far more affordable $84,100. As for this high-end configuration, it’s an Alpine White example with the M Sport Package Pro complemented by an extended Shadowline finish.

Photo by instagram.com/vuddi76_

The M Performance Parts start off with a 21-inch wheel set (943 M style) with a two-tone look contrasted by red calipers as part of the upgraded braking system. BMW used carbon fiber for an assortment of items, including the front spoiler lip, side skirt attachments, mirror caps, trunk lid spoiler, diffuser, and door sills. Other goodies include an M Performance antenna cover, body stripes, and M-branded floor mats with the three famous colors.

Until the M5 G90 debuts next year, the i5 M60 with M Performance Parts will be the most aggressive-looking version of the eighth-generation 5 Series. The white paint creates a striking contrast when combined with the carbon fiber by accentuating the visual impact provided by the MPP items. It certainly gives the performance sedan a meaner stance.

If you’re finding the modifications a bit too much, which is totally understandable, you can always pick only the ones you like rather than going for the full package. In 2024, BMW will also introduce an i5 M60 Touring, not to mention an M5 Touring (G99), so the M division is certainly keeping busy.

Source: rsDrive / YouTube