2024 BMW X2: The Sporty Coupe-Style SUV We’ve Been Waiting For

Ever since BMW expanded its X lineup with the introduction of the X2, we have struggled to justify its position in the market. The model has always been more of a hatchback than a crossover, making it an odd choice for those who love the X1 and the compact 1 series. However, the upcoming next-generation model promises to transform into the sporty, coupe-style SUV that we have eagerly awaited. Based on the recent spy shots, these new renderings give us a clear glimpse of the upcoming 2024 BMW X2.

BMW X2 Gets More Aggressive Look for Next Generation

Rendering by instagram.com/futurecarsnow

Upon first glance, we notice the new X1’s graphic elements influencing this new 2024 BMW X2, indicating that it will share many parts with its sibling. The closer we look, the more we appreciate the sporty and dynamic touches that will give it a unique personality. The front end presents a rather familiar design similar to the latest X1, but with a new hexagonal kidney grille resembling its larger brother, the X6. The modified front bumper now boasts a sharper trapezoidal air intake, while the headlights feature sleeker arrow-shaped DRLs, reminiscent of those seen on the new X5 and 5 Series.

As we turn our attention to the rear, the standout feature of this model becomes evident—the proper coupe roofline. Unlike its predecessor, this generation showcases a more pronounced sloping roof, providing greater consistency among the even-numbered X models. The window frame also changes, compressing towards the D pillar and featuring an inverted Hoffmeister kink similar to the X4. It also retains some of the X1’s profile elements, including the sharp character line and flush door handles.

However, the rear end design is likely to divide fans as it presents a new and distinct look not seen on other models. The new minimalist and ‘static design’ departs from the dynamic appearance of the previous X2, with horizontal creases, raised taillights, and a large blacked-out bumper, emphasizing its SUV nature. The striking taillights, featuring double C-shaped LEDs, contribute to a more menacing look compared to the minimalist ones found on the X4 and X6. The rendering also showcases exclusive touches for the M-sport version, such as the new ducktail spoiler below the rear windscreen, M-style mirrors, and a large blacked-out bumper.

2024 BMW X2 M35i to Offer Quad Exhaust Pipes, M-Sport Styling

Rendering by instagram.com/futurecarsnow

At the top of the 2024 BMW X2 lineup, the M35i xDrive variant takes the spotlight. The rendering’s rear end reveals quad exhaust pipes, a feature typically reserved for proper BMW M models. While the X1 M35i broke that tradition, it seems BMW aims to provide enthusiasts with a taste of M greatness in more accessible segments—hence the aggressive appearance and features of this ‘baby X4M.’ Expect it to be powered by the same turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline engine found in the X1 M35i, tuned to deliver 312 horsepower and a peak torque of 295 pound-feet (400 Newton meters) between 2,000 and 4,000 rpm.

With its sporty design cues, powerful performance, and a touch of M engineering, the 2024 BMW X2 M35i is poised to become the coupe crossover that was missing in the X lineup.

[Renders: instagram.com/futurecarsnow]