Judging by how some people react whenever a new BMW comes out, you’d be tempted to say the company is in dire straits since few are buying their cars. However, nothing could be further from the truth as the sales results say otherwise. After announcing solid US results for the second quarter of the year earlier this week, the automaker is now sharing details about how it fared globally.

Starting off with the BMW core brand, the Munich-based automaker delivered 553,369 cars between April and June, or 11.5% more than in the same interval of last year. Sales of EVs more than doubled (+150.7%), reaching 77,948 units. The German luxury firm points out the 7 Series / i7 and the X7 were “especially popular,” as were the 4 Series / i4 and the X5 for which there’s “strong demand.” We’re being told the new 5 Series G60 and its electric i5 sibling have received “very positive customer feedback.”

Moving on to the M division, the “world’s most powerful letter” also had a great Q2 as deliveries rose by 14.5% to 48,257 units. Yes, these numbers also include sales of M Performance models. Naturally, the M2 and XM are highlighted by BMW, with the i5 M60 and i7 M70 projected to further fuel demand in the latter half of the year. As a refresher, the best-selling M car last year was the i4 M50.

As far as MINI is concerned, the Oxford-based company enjoyed a jump in sales of 10.2% to 71,816 cars. Demand for the Cooper SE – the brand’s only EV on sale today – rose by 8.8%. Since 2022, the electric three-door hatchback has been the most popular model. A convertible equivalent limited to 999 units and sold only in Europe was introduced earlier this year.

Rolls-Royce was down in Q2, but only by 1.7% as sales decreased slightly to 1,541 vehicles. However, that doesn’t come as a big surprise considering production of the Wraith and Dawn has ended while those of the Spectre haven’t started yet. The brand’s first EV will be in the hands of customers starting the fourth quarter of the year. RR has enough orders for the “super coupe” to keep busy until the end of 2024.

BMW Motorrad had a positive second quarter with 64,936 motorcycles delivered, representing an increase of 8%.

Source: BMW