BMW won’t have a dedicated electric car platform until 2025 when the first models based on the Neue Klasse architecture will enter production at the new Debrecen plant in Hungary. Consequently, all of Bavaria’s current EVs largely share the same design as the ICE counterparts, for better or worse. The first-ever i5 is no exception as it’s a spitting image of the 5 Series G60. There are a few i-specific design cues, but the styling is nearly identical both inside and out.

With that in mind, this i4 eDrive40 painted in Mineral White and equipped with 20-inch wheels (938 M style) looks a lot like a regular 520d or a 540i. It’s far from being standard since it not only has the M Sport Package but also the M Sport Package Pro which bundles a variety of items. Relevant goodies include the illuminated grille contour, Shadowline accents, and a trunk lid spoiler. Since it’s not the actual M Performance version (i5 M60), the kidneys have a traditional look with vertical slats.

The walkaround video gives us the opportunity to discover how big of a car the 5 Series has become over the years. This eighth-generation model stretches at a stately 5060 millimeters (199.2 inches), so it’s slightly longer than the E65 7 Series that was sold until 2008. This right-hand-drive car has a matching white interior, specifically Smoke White Veganza (leather-free). Speaking of which, the G60 is BMW’s first model to offer a fully vegan interior.

A lot has changed compared to the old G30, especially on the inside where the dashboard has been fully redesigned to accommodate the screens. As with every other model to get the iDrive 8, BMW has drastically reduced the number of conventional buttons, deciding instead to integrate their respective functions into the big screen. Rear-seat passengers have their own touch panel to adjust the climate settings, but they don’t get the gargantuan 31.3-inch Theatre Screen that folds down from the 7 Series’ roof.

As with just about every BMW introduced in the last couple of years, the 5 Series G60 has sparked controversy because of its appearance. However, sales figures have shown that online criticism hasn’t negatively impacted sales as 2021 was the company’s best year ever in terms of customer deliveries and 2022 wasn’t far behind.

Source: EV Review Ireland