We’re always on the look for new images of the BMW M2 in a bid to help people get better acquainted with the sports coupe and its opinion-splitting design. Some like how the G87 looks while others would much rather have the old F87. The two are quite different not just in terms of appearance, but also because the second-generation M2 is considerably larger and heavier than its predecessor while having a completely reworked dashboard hosting the iDrive 8.

New high-quality photos depicting the entry-level M car put the spotlight on a right-hand-drive model in Brooklyn Grey, one of just seven colors currently available. The two non-metallic paints available at no cost are Alpine White and the exclusive Zandvoort Blue while the metallic Black Sapphire and Toronto Red are available alongside matte Frozen Pure Grey and Frozen Tanzanite Blue from the Individual catalog.

We’re hearing the 2025 model year will bring not only a significant bump in power but also new colors. Around the same time, we should also see a hotter M2 CS, and knowing BMW’s modus operandi, it should have at least one special paint job available. Meanwhile, the rear-wheel-drive machine remains heavily customizable considering there are numerous M Performance Parts available both inside and out. You’d better watch out while ticking those boxes on the options list as the final price tag can get dangerously close to a base M4.

Meanwhile, we’ll admit we are still trying to get used to some of the unexpectedly boxy cues of the new M2. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why the car’s styling has created so much debate on social media and other online platforms, but we must give BMW credit where it’s due. While virtually all rivals have abandoned manual gearbox and/or rear-wheel-drive-only layouts, you can still get the M2 with a stick shift routing power to just two wheels.

The G87 is quite likely the last of the breed since BMW M has strongly suggested all next-gen products will be plug-in hybrids linked to an automatic transmission, with a purely electric M slated to arrive as early as 2027. By sticking to the traditional formula, this M2 could spark interest among purists who are not necessarily fond of how it looks but want the old-school performance formula.

[Photos: instagram.com/kabizzz]