BMW launched the M2 G87 with a surprisingly (and disappointingly) limited color palette as only five hues were initially available before two Individual shades were added. One would argue the second generation of the sports coupe is still in dire need of more paint choices but there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple by choosing black. Granted, Black Sapphire looks the best when the car is perfectly clean, which is rarely the case.

A new photoshoot shows a sinister-looking M2 with matching wheels and the Shadowline treatment. This right-hand-drive specimen has a lightweight roof made from carbon fiber, which continues inside on the shift paddles and steering wheel. Since we’re dealing with a UK-spec car, we should point out that eight-speed automatic transmission is standard. Should you want to row your own gears, it’ll cost you extra. This is not universally applicable since BMW isn’t charging more for one or the other in the US where both are a no-cost option.

2023 BMW M2 Black Sapphire /

Since we mentioned the manual gearbox, BMW has recently hinted that it’ll be retired altogether from the lineup after the M2. However, that won’t happen in the near future since the car will remain in production until near the end of the decade. Is the news about the planned demise of the clutch pedal convince people to buy the car even if the styling is controversial? Only sales figures will be able to answer.

Black Sapphire is a good choice for those who are not fond of the M2’s styling but still want the car for its performance and relatively compact size. It hides some of the unexpectedly boxy cues, although we’d reckon a sports car begs for a splashy color. The M2 CS should spice things up in that regard once it will arrive around 2025 with a rumored 518 horsepower but only an automatic transmission.

Source: priceywithspice / Instagram, Andrew Baker