Analog sports cars are largely a thing of the past, but the M2 is the closest you can get in 2023 from BMW. It’s a rear-wheel-drive coupe with a clutch pedal and an inline-six that avoids electrification. Given recent statements from the Bavarian brand, it’s most likely the last of the breed as next-generation M models will all be hybrids and are going to do away with the stick shift.

BMW UK has decided to put the spotlight on the G87 by showing off the second-generation M2 in an extended photo shoot. It’s a Brooklyn Grey example equipped with the automatic transmission, which is actually the standard setup in the country. Should you want to row your own gears, the 6MT will cost you an extra £1,200. Yes, in 2023, you must pay more money to get the manual. However, it’s not universally applicable as BMW USA has the two transmissions listed as a no-cost option.

The new M2 looks nothing like its predecessor while being a much larger and heavier car, so much so it’s almost on a par with the M4. This version rides on two-tone wheels (930 M) with blue brake calipers and has the standard seats rather than the optional body-hugging carbon seats. Not only is the exterior a great departure from the previous F87, but so is the cabin where the iDrive 8 calls home with its pair of large displays.

Like the entry-level M cars before it, power is routed exclusively to the rear wheels. There are rumors of an M2 xDrive, but our sources have told us that a final decision is pending. In the meantime, BMW is busy working on a CS version expected to land in 2025 with over 500 horsepower and an automatic transmission.

The M2 may very well be the last car to please purists, but seeing the glass half full, it’s going to stick around for many years to come. It is believed BMW will continue to make the car until 2029, thus giving enthusiasts plenty of time to buy an M car with a non-hybrid ICE setup and a third pedal.

Source: BMW