This generation of BMW 1 Series isn’t exactly beloved. When BMW switch the 1 Series over from a hilarious, rear-wheel drive enthusiast car to a generic, front-wheel drive mobile, enthusiasts naturally weren’t very happy. However, the new 1 Series isn’t all bad and there are some attributes that make it worthwhile for many customers. Those customers will be happy to know that the 1 Series is getting a new generation and such a car was just seen doing some testing at the Nurburgring. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

In these photos, you can see a heavily camouflaged 2024 BMW M135 test mule doing some laps around the ‘Ring. While the camo covers virtually the entire body of the car, thus obscuring any major identifying details, you can tell it’s an M135i because of its quad exhausts. Those are a dead giveaway for its M Performance nature.

You might be thinking “But Nico, only true M cars get quad exhausts, get your facts right!” And I hear you. However, BMW has slowly been giving its M Performance cars two very specific details previously only reserved for full-blown M cars: quad exhausts and aerodynamic side mirrors. This test mule only has the former, not the latter, but that could just be due to it being an early test mule. Most recent M Performance cars have had both quad exhausts and M side mirrors, so the M135 should get them, too.

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We shouldn’t see major visual changes to the new BMW M135 and we won’t see a fully electric 1 Series either. Judging by these spy photos, the headlights are mostly the same, the grilles are similar, and there don’t seem to be any significant aero changes.  However, it could get some changes inside. We’re not sure if BMW is going to update this generation of 1 Series with iDrive 8.5 but it’s a good possibility. That would bring a hefty infotainment upgrade, as well as new digital gauges. There could be other changes inside as well, such as trim updates, color options, and even BMW’s funny new toggle switch shifter.

There are many new 1 Series owners, as it does offer a semi-affordable, mostly premium, fuel efficient driving experience that works very well for many European countries and cities. For those customers, an update is probably very welcome, so these spy photos could be exciting.

[Source: Motor1]