The end of an era comes today. According to BMW Group, the BMW European Delivery, a gem hidden within the Bavarians’ offerings, is coming to an end later this year. The car pickup program has been a favorite of ours over the years and has built a cult among BMW customers in North America. BMW of North America says that May 18th, 2020 will be the last day they will accept pre-reservation forms. The last month you can choose to do a BMW European Delivery will be September 2020.

If you have placed a deposit for a 2021 model and would still like to take delivery within the timeframe stated, BMW will accept the pre reservation form without a production number. Once a production number is available BMW will assign accordingly. If you are scheduled for a European Delivery, you can still pick up your car through September 2020.

“After carefully evaluating the changing BMW U.S. customer preferences towards U.S.-built X vehicles and the declining interest in the European Delivery Program, BMW has made the decision to bring the European Delivery Program to a close in the Fall of 2020,” says a BMW Spokesperson in an email to BMWBLOG.

“While fewer customers have been taking advantage of driving their new BMW’s in Europe prior to having their cars shipped to the U.S., we have seen a marked increase in interest in the BMW Ultimate Delivery Experience at our Greenville-Spartanburg facility which is available for any production BMW vehicle, not just for those built in South Carolina.

The BMW Ultimate Delivery Experience includes classroom and on-track car control instruction at the BMW Performance Center, a tour of Plant Spartanburg, a visit to the BMW Zentrum Museum and finally, a personalized vehicle handover of your new BMW followed by a drive home from the scenic Carolinas.”

BMW European Delivery – A Must On The Bucket List

BMW, as well as many other German car makers, offered a European Delivery option when ordering a brand new Bimmer. It was a wonderful program that allowed the customer to not only get a significant discount on their car, but a trip to Germany and other European countries as well as an experience to remember for a lifetime. Compared to the Americans, European customers often had to pay an extra fee – up to 500 euros.