The new BMW 7 Series is a big deal. Everything about the car is big. The price tag? $107,595 on the 2023 BMW 740i I drove, and it wasn’t fully loaded. It is five inches longer, two inches wider, and sits two inches higher than its predecessor. 20-inch wheels replace the outgoing model’s 19-inchers. It makes more power in each trim and offers larger-than-life luxuries like a 31-inch Theater Screen, automatic doors, and crystal headlights. Also, there’s the grille.

After spending some time behind the wheel of the newest generation of the newest, biggest version of the flagship BMW 7 Series, I had to remind myself that bigger usually isn’t better when it comes to cars. So why, then, was this nearly 5000-pound, half-a-school-bus-sized sedan doing a convincing job of reminding me that BMW still makes the ultimate driving machine? It’s technically a limousine, after all. It might surprise you to hear this, but BMW still makes a full-size sedan worth writing about.


2023 740i Performance 

2023 BMW 7 Series in Aventurine Red

Every new 7 Series gets a revised version of the B58 turbo-six under the hood, now making 375 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque. BMW says the zero to 60 mph sprint occurs in 5.2 seconds, which feels about accurate from the driver’s seat. By now, most BMW enthusiasts are familiar with the B58 engine, and its familiar charms hold up well here: plenty of power in the mid-range and lots of torque down low. The best part is that the B58 still feels as characterful as it did when it debuted in 2015.

When things get twisty – or you’re intentionally inducing oversteer – the new 7 Series is surprisingly willing. While no one will ever confuse this for an M3 from behind the wheel, it channels the BMW brand ethos well. I love the lack of xDrive and think it gives the 2023 740i a much more playful personality. The Pirelli P-Zero all-seasons on the 20-inch wheels were just fine, though I would love to see what this car can do on a pair of Pilot Sports. The steering feel is numb but has good weight, especially considering most drivers aren’t looking for a raw and connected driving experience. Notably, my test subject came equipped with Integral Active Steering.

Of course, the 2023 BMW 740i is at its best when you’re tooling along in comfort mode with the rocking massaging seats and the sun’s warmth shining through the huge glass panoramic roof. And it is supremely comfortable – noticeably more so than the outgoing model. More on that later.

2023 BMW 7 Series Interior 

2023 BMW 7 Series Interior

As always, the 2023 BMW 7 Series gets the latest and greatest technology. Having already experienced iDrive 8 and a lot of the other technology in other BMW models, I was a little concerned that the interior wouldn’t feel as special as its pricing suggests. I was wrong. Of particular note? Convenient and intuitive touch-capacitive climate controls on the driver’s and passenger’s side that make staying comfortable easy. iDrive 8 is easier to use than I remember it being in vehicles in the past, so it appears to be aging well – even though I’d still prefer traditional buttons.

The 2023 BMW 740i uses quality materials throughout the cabin, with aluminum and soft-touch materials everywhere. Fit and finish are as good as it has ever been, and the vehicle feels substantial, whether you’re piloting it or just opening or closing a door. My car featured Extended Merino Leather, a Black Alcantara Headliner, and Mirror Oak trim. It all presented very nicely but also accounted for nearly $3,000 in options.

2023 BMW 7 Series Options, Amenities, and Pricing

2023 BMW 7 Series Interior

What would the 7 Series be without countless additions? The car I drove had about $15,000 in options, sporting extras like Crystal Headlights, Automatic Doors, and Climate Comfort Laminated Glass. Highlights that added to the luxury experience included the Executive Package ($4,500), which gets you the aforementioned trick headlights and doors, plus the Radiant Heating Package and massaging front seats. The Parking Assistant Package ($1,250) is great, adding a Surround View Camera and self-parking tech at a very reasonable price. The Driving Assistance Pro Package ($2,100) adds Active Driving Assistant Pro, and the “mostly hands-free” driving works just as well here as it does on other BMW vehicles.

Every feature on the car added something to the experience, and it would be difficult for me to axe something. The car seems expensive at $107, 595, but that might just be what the cost of luxury is these days. Perhaps the Driving Assistance Pro Package can be eschewed, but at this price point, the driver aids are expected. Were I ordering a 2023 7 Series for myself, I would likely go heavy on the options. Otherwise, it probably wouldn’t feel as special as it should. 

2023 7 Series Downsides and Parting Thoughts

2023 BMW 7 Series Exterior - Black

The new 7 Series is an impressive continuation of the flagship luxury sedan. My biggest knocks for the vehicle are its substantially increased size and weight over the outgoing model. Neither is a dealbreaker, especially considering the class that this lofty limo does business in. Looks are subjective, and the no-charge M Sport design improves the aesthetic. I’m also sure that customers in climates that get snow and inclement weather would have appreciated the availability of an all-wheel drive variant. Unfortunately, they will have no choice but to step up to the $116,400 (!) 760i xDrive. Pricing, too, is steep – as any 740i under the $100,000 mark might stop short of feeling like a good value. 

The 2023 BMW 740i is a step forward for the 7 Series that I doubt that model will come back from. While the last generation 7 Series never felt down market, the new one significantly separates itself from the rest of the BMW lineup by virtue of its unique design, plush ride, and remarkable amenities.

2023 BMW 740i

  • Passenger-spoiling amenities
  • Plush ride
  • High-end tech
  • Heavier than ever before
  • Steep price
  • Controversial looks
. I look forward to seeing how the all-electric i7 drives – and any model that replaces the outgoing V12-models from the last generation.