Get ready for more of these builds. Just a couple of weeks ago, we saw Evolve Automotive create a BMW M3 Touring “CSL,” which was essentially just a tuned and modified M3 Touring with the same face as an M4 CSL. It looked pretty good and seemed like it was more fun to drive than a standard M3 Touring. It obviously wasn’t a full-blown CSL, as it had normal interior and only a slightly sportier suspension, but it was CSL-like. Now, we get to see yet another attempted to CSL-ify an M3 Touring from Lightweight Performance.

Lightweight Performance is one of the bigger BMW tuners in Germany and its M3 Touring was just given the CSL treatment as well. For starters, it has the M4 CSL’s face, with the same hood, the same red-trimmed kidney grilles, front air intakes, and yellow headlights. From the front, you’d think you were looking at the M4 CSL.

To give it a proper stance, Lightweight Performance gave it a set of Eibach springs that lower it 25 mm in the front but not at all in the rear. According to the tuner, the rear’s ride height is perfect as-is, it’s just way too high in the front. With the new springs, the stance is bang-on. But to make it even better, Lightweight Performance gave it Eibach spacers all around, to widen the wheel track a bit and fill out its wheel wells. Speaking of wheels, this M3 Touring “CSL” also has 21 inch wheels. While they look far too big to these eyes, they might be perfect for others. Though, I do worry about the ride with those massive wheels and rubber band tires, as the M3 is stiff already. Dropping the ride height and removing tire sidewall seems brutal.

Since Lightweight Performance started out as a exhaust maker, the M3 Touring CSL also received higher flow downpipes, a silencer, and carbon fiber exhaust tips. The new exhaust setup relieves back pressure and is said to add 15 horsepower, while also improving the sound without making it overly obnoxious. Even better, it’s said to be compliant with Euro regulations, which is helpful.

With so many shops offering kits to turn the BMW M3 Touring into a “CSL,” I can see countless owners going this route. It will make their already very special car feel even more special and increase the wow factor wherever it goes.