This past weekend, the automotive industry was taken aback by the unexpected arrival of the BMW Touring Coupe Concept. Making its debut at the prestigious 2023 Concorso d’Eleganza, this unique one-off vehicle showcases a breathtaking shooting brake design. Drawing inspiration from the legendary BMW Z3 Clown Shoe as well as other fastbacks and shooting brakes within the brand’s history, the Touring Coupe pays homage in numerous captivating ways.

After keeping the design sketches in their archives for several years, BMW finally decided that November marked the perfect moment to commence work on their new one-off project. The bodywork for the BMW Touring Coupe Concept was skillfully executed by Torino-based Superstile, utilizing the BMW Z4 platform as its foundation.

Adrian Van Hooydonk, BMW’s Head of Design, emphasized that the structural integrity of the Z4 roadster was diligently preserved throughout the transformation process. The incorporation of the roof not only added an aesthetic appeal but also enhanced the overall strength and stability of the vehicle.

Why Shooting Brake and not a Fastback?

“Of course we could have done a fastback coupe,” says Van Hooydonk. “We thought about that very quickly. [But in the end], we decided on the Shooting Brake architecture. We felt that would make it probably a bit more iconic. And of course it looks a lot faster than the Z3 Coupe.”

Sparkling Lario could come to other BMWs

In addition to its captivating design, the BMW Touring Coupe Concept boasts an exclusive color known as Sparkling Lario. Van Hooydonk says he’s hoping to offer that color in future BMW models as well. This distinctive shade exhibits a fusion of gray and brown tones, enhanced by captivating flakes of blue glass and accents of silver-bronze. Notably, the grilles seamlessly blend with the body color, creating a visually harmonious effect, while the silver-bronze grille trim adds an intriguing touch.

The wheels, with a 20-spoke design reminiscent of ALPINA, sport a subtle gold finish that perfectly complements the overall exterior color theme. Measuring 21 inches at the rear and 20 inches at the front, the wheels further enhance the concept’s striking appearance.

Naturally, the one-off Touring Coupe Concept seamlessly blends into the picturesque backdrop of Lake Como, allowing us to capture stunning photographs in various settings. As noted by Van Hooydonk, this is a vehicle that is best appreciated while savoring the exquisite surroundings of Como, rather than pushing its limits on a racetrack.

Will BMW build the Touring Coupe? Van Hooydonk is hinting at that possibility, but in limited numbers and certainly not cheaper than $250,000.