About a year ago, BMW spruced up the M4 Coupe by introducing an optional M decal for €1,800 in Germany. We’ve rarely seen the black body graphics (also available in red) since then, but now is a good opportunity to discover how the stickers look on a G82 finished in Speed Yellow. Showcased in Munich at the BMW Welt, this Competition model also happens to have all-black wheels (826 M) to further contrast the eye-catching paint job.

Although BMW is working on a Life Cycle Impulse for its high-performance coupe, we’d argue the M4 still looks fresh. This is also valid for the interior as the car recently switched to the company’s iDrive 8 infotainment technology. Speaking of the cabin, you’ll notice it had the optional carbon bucket seats you can even have on an M3 Touring if body-hugging seats in a wagon tickle your fancy.

Seeing as how the German luxury brand is gradually moving away from laser headlights, don’t be too surprised if next year’s facelifted M4 will lose them. We’re hearing the LCI will come along with a bit more power for the xDrive model along with a limited-edition CS to mirror the M3 CS introduced earlier this year. As for the controversial front grille, it’ll be largely carried over from the current model. With the 3.0 CSL, we’ve seen a less polarizing take on the kidney design that will hopefully trickle down on a regular production M car.

Despite the fact this M4 generation has been around for nearly three years, it still has a long shelf life ahead. The facelifted model is rumored to hit the assembly line in March 2024 and remain in production until the middle of 2028. That gives BMW plenty of time to prepare special versions beyond the already launched CSL, 3.0 CSL, and the forthcoming CS. With increasingly stringent emissions regulations, it’ll get harder and harder to squeeze more power out of the inline-six without resorting to electrification, which won’t happen during the G82’s life cycle.

Source: rsDrive / YouTube