The BMW Z4 isn’t long for this world. Since it was refreshed earlier this year, it’s days have been numbered. BMW isn’t going to replace this Z4 with a new roadster, so with it dies a style of car that BMW has been making since the early ’90s. A sad day that will be. However, it might have to go down swinging because it’s about to get some interesting electric competition, one such car being the upcoming MG Cyberster.

You read that right, MG is coming back. It’s actually been back for awhile, as the state-owned Chinese company SAIC has owned MG since 2007 and it’s been making blasphemous crossovers using the iconic British roadster name. However, it seems that MG is going back to its roots a bit, as the new Cyberster is a small, two-seat roadster with stylish body work. It certainly lacks that simple charm of old-school MGs, with its super angular, incredibly angry body work, but it’s cool in its own way. It’s more traditional looking than the BMW Z4 but I’m a fan of the Z4 so I actually think I like the Bimmer more. I’m weird, though.

Smartly, MG made the Cyberster a soft-top, which not only drops weight but it also looks more elegant. We’re seeing fewer and fewer power folding hard-tops and the market is better for it.

Photo: MG UK

It is bigger than the BMW Z4, though. According to Car and Driver, the Cyberster is eight inches longer than the Z4, two inches wider, and one inch taller. It’s also almost 1,000 lbs heavier, weighing over 4,300 lbs, versus the Z4’s 3,500-ish lbs. All of that weight is due to its battery pack, though MG hasn’t yet released official specs. Leaked documents claim that it will have two electric motors, one at each axle. The rear motor will make 335 horsepower and the front will make 201 horsepower. That should give it enough shove to be quick but it’s heavy curb weight will stop it from being hair-raisingly fast. Top speed is said to be 124 mph.

Unfortunately, the MG Cyberster won’t come to the U.S. market, so we won’t get to see how these two compare in person here. However, maybe of our worldwide neighbors will be able to and it will be interesting to see how the two stack up. Then, both will get thrown a monkey wrench because the electric Porsche Boxster will come and cause a big stir.