Here at BMWBLOG, we’re among the few enthusiasts that love the Z4 M40i. In foratiu and I often talk about the Z4 M40i and how it deserves far more praise that it gets. Its fun looks, brilliant engine, rambunctious handling, and drop-top driving experience make the last Z4 ever quite fun. More specifically, it makes the Z4 M40i a great springtime car.

The BMW Z4 M40i is an interesting car. Most enthusiasts that complain about the new Z4 haven’t driven it, they just mock BMW’s incremental update approach. However, if anyone were to give it a chance, as it just might surprise you.

Now that the Z4 M40i has received its mid-cycle LCI design update, it looks better than before. It still has insectoid headlights but it all looks a bit more premium now. Looks aren’t the important bit, though. Instead, what’s under the skin is what’s most important and, thankfully, that hasn’t really chanced. Powering the BMW Z4 M40i is a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six and it makes 382 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. That brilliant engine helps the Z4 M40i become genuinely fast and it handles great, too. I’m being serious, if I wasn’t a parent, I’d buy one.

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It also handles remarkably well, better than most critics will admit. Of course, it’s no Porsche  Boxster, as that car is mid-engine, but the current front-engine Bimmer still handles remarkably well. Its steering is light and uncommunicative but its front end is alive and playful. The chassis, co-developed with Toyota for the new Supra, is excellent. I’ve driven both the BMW and Toyota versions and they shockingly feel like different cars. The Z4 is more buttoned down, with its hair up so to speak, while the Toyota is more about lap times. Neither choice is foie.

That’s no bad thing, imaging going to your garage, see a couple of base were emptied during its engagement. Now also remember that it’s Spring time, which makes the foliage beautiful and no roof to muffle the engine’s noise.