When Rolls-Royce says it makes cars bespoke for its clients, it freakin’ means it. We’ve seen some sensationally custom Rolls-Royces before, right from the factory. While this one isn’t quite as extreme as some of the other bespoke Rollers we’ve seen, it’s quite unique and will fit perfectly into its new surrounding. Build for a self-made musician in South Florida, the Rolls-Royce Ghost Champagne Rose will be unveiled in Miami.

The client shared almost 100 different pink color swatches, as part of a mood board, with Rolls-Royce in Goodwood. After analyzing her mood board, the team at Rolls came up with 30 different paint colors and Champagne Rose, with a Crystal finish, was the one chosen by the client. That metallic pink is contrasted by chrome trim and black wheels, the latter of which have body color-matched rings round the “RR” logos. It’s a delicious looking color that makes me crave fancy pink macarons. And in case any passersby want to know the color’s name when they see this Roller on the streets of Miami, the rear quarter panel reads “Champagne Rose.”

That same color scheme makes its way to the inside, as well. It’s a mostly monochromatic interior, color almost entirely in Champagne Rose. Only black trim, a black dashboard top, and black stitching contrast the luxurious pink interior. Here is where Rolls-Royce sets itself apart from other automakers, too. To make the entire cabin one consistent shade of Champagne Rose, it actually created several slightly different variants of the color, so it remains consistent throughout different materials. Different materials reflect light differently, which can make its look vary to the human eye. So Rolls adjusted the color according to each different material, so that doesn’t happen.

A bespoke rose logo is embroidered into the seat backs and applied to various different surfaces throughout the car, including the rear seat waterfall and the tray tables. It’s also seen in the LED Startlight headliner, as Rolls created the rose in lights.

As with all bespoke Rolls-Royce creations, the Champagne Rose is lovely. Even though it’s not to my specific taste, I can see how gorgeous it is and appreciate the incredible craftsmanship. It also makes me happy to see Rollers like this, as it frustrates me to no end when people rich enough to afford a Rolls-Royce just get a black one. No other brand offers customization like Rolls-Royce, so if you can afford one, make the most of it and coordinate with the brilliant team in Goodwood to create something truly special.