It’s rare we get the chance to see camouflaged Rolls-Royce prototypes being tested but this is one of those opportunities. It looks as though the Cullinan is preparing to go through a facelift considering a fully disguised SUV was spotted out in the open near Munich. This is certainly not an older video since there’s a BMW 7 Series G70 right in front of it. It can’t be an old Cullinan prototype either since the model went on sale way back in 2018.

Rolls-Royce facelifts are quite discreet, so much so you can barely tell what has changed. It’s hard to pinpoint the updates this prototype is carrying, but if it’s anything like the Phantom Series II introduced last year, you’re going to need a magnifying glass to spot the changes. Given how successful the ultra-luxury SUV is, RR doesn’t actually need to make any big changes.

During a record-breaking 2022 during which it delivered a total of 6,021 cars or 8% more than the year before, Rolls-Royce said the Cullinan was its best-selling product. The updated version will have to face new competition as with the long-awaited Purosangue, Ferrari finally has an SUV of its own. It’ll be interesting to see how many people will cross-shop these two models since they represent different takes on the ultimate SUV formula. Ferrari puts an emphasis on sportiness while the Goodwood-based marque is all about luxury.

Rolls-Royce has already pledged to go purely electric by the end of the decade, announcing it will not introduce another V12 car. It tells us the combustion-engined Cullinan won’t receive a second generation, so this update supposedly coming out in 2024 will keep the posh SUV fresh until its inevitable EV replacement arrives further down the line.

The Spectre leads the way for the brand’s electric ambitions, with deliveries of the zero-emission coupe to commence by year’s end.

Source: DrGumoLunatic / YouTube