When Savagegeese review a car, we always tend to take notice because they dive into some of the technical nitty-gritty that most others don’t. Equipped with a lift, they’re able to get underneath a car and look at its mechanical underbelly to see how much of its chassis, suspension, and any other visible technology works. But a big tool in their arsenal is the technical document that automakers provide them, so they have exact information about its technology and mechanical components. However, BMW wouldn’t provide Savagegeese with such information, so they still don’t know how much of it works.

However, despite not having the full technical specs for the i7, they were still able to do a bit of a dive into its suspension and some of its powertrain technology, as well as test its ride, handling, and cabin tech.

On the road, the BMW i7 seems to lack the “Ultimate Driving Machine” ethos that BMW has claimed for decades, despite being incredibly impressive. It isn’t fun or thrilling, like some 7 Series models used to be, but instead it’s an incredibly refined, composed luxury EV that packs plenty of technology.

One of the tech components that they were able to focus on in this video was the suspension. The BMW i7 rides on air suspension as-standard and it helps the electric 7er ride beautifully. It’s soft, comfortable, and incredibly quiet but it never feels sloppy. BMW did an excellent job tuning this suspension to be the perfect balance of comfortable and composed, especially when you consider how much weight it has to lug around. In fact, Savagegeese even goes as far as to say that it’s the best riding and most comfortable EV they’ve ever tested. Considering the i7 has to take on the Mercedes EQS, that’s a mighty bold statement.

From the back seat, the BMW i7 is lovely. It has a ton of room, screens galore, and all the luxury tech you could ask for. However, it is a bit too screen-heavy, which does distract from some of the finer points of luxury back there, such as material quality and design. It’s all about the technology, for better or worse. Hhell, there are even individual screens embedded into the door pulls. That’s in addition to the optional massive 8k theater screen that can drop down.

Overall, the BMW i7 is an incredibly impressive car but it would be nice if BMW was a bit more transparent.