The BMW X2 is dead. Long live the BMW X2. Indeed, the first-generation model (F39) was quietly phased out in 2022 but it won’t be until near the end of this year when its successor (U10) will enter production. Spy shots have strongly suggested the new model will be much larger than its predecessor, and there’s a perfectly good explanation for the growth spurt.

In an interview with CarBuzz, Nicolai Martin, Senior Vice President Driving Experience, admitted the original X2 has been the subject of criticism. Why? Because it was more expensive than the conventionally styled X1 yet it offered less room inside. One would argue that applies to the X3/X4 and X5/X6 model lines as well, but it’s a greater issue on the X2 since it’s a considerably smaller crossover and therefore some find it too cramped.

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The first-gen X2 was only 4360 millimeters (171.7 inches) long while its successor is expected to stretch at roughly 4500 mm (177.1 inches) to match the latest X1. The mini-X6 vibe we got after seeing the camouflaged prototype is confirmed by Nicolai Martin: “We’ve seen a greater acceptance of models that followed the X6 design language.”

Unlike its predecessor sold exclusively with combustion engines, the new X2 will also spawn a fully electric iX2. Both ICE and EV derivatives will be assembled in Regensburg (Germany) alongside the mechanically related X1/iX1. Another similarly sized crossover is coming from MINI as the next-gen Countryman coming from BMW’s Leipzig plant will also be bigger and offer a zero-emission powertrain.

Much like the X1, its coupe-styled sibling is expected to retain diesel engines in some markets, mainly within Europe. The United States could only get the xDrive28i and M35i, with the latter already spied flaunting a quad exhaust system. The iX1 isn’t coming to the US and we wouldn’t hold our breath for the iX2 either.

Source: CarBuzz