It was only yesterday when an image showing the 2024 BMW 5 Series Sedan’s rear design escaped online and now another photo is making the social media rounds. This time around, we’re getting an early look at the kidney grille design of the G60 generation, ahead of its confirmed official debut on May 23. Since it’s not fully closed, we’d wager the grille belongs to a 5er equipped with a combustion engine.

As you can probably tell, there are two different designs. The upper one likely belongs to a higher-specification 5 Series judging by the cutouts in the upper part of the grille. We can only assume those gaps are for the sensors necessary for the more advanced Highway Assistant the luxury sedan will optionally offer. The grille is not in perfect condition since the black accents on the vertical bars are wearing off.

The lesser 5 Series versions without the sophisticated self-driving system will have the “full” grille with the bars going all the way to the top. We’d argue it looks better without having to slice off the bars for the sake of adding hardware pertaining to the hands-free driving on a highway. The purely electric i5 should have an identically shaped grille, but likely with a blue contour and a closed-off design for better aero since there’s no ICE that requires cooling.

While the M3 has a tall grille not shared with the M340i or the more attainable 3 Series models, BMW won’t be following this formula for the larger M5. Spy shots have revealed it’s going to have sensibly sized kidneys akin to the normal 5 Series but obviously housed within a much more aggressive bumper with extra vents.

Following next month’s debut, the sedan should be joined by the wagon (G61) later in 2023. An i5 Touring has been officially confirmed for a 2024 release, with the M5 Sedan (G90) and M5 Touring (G99) expected around 2025.

Source: liucunyi_starandcar / Instagram