BMW has yet to introduce the next-generation 5 Series Sedan but that’s not stopping the M division from putting the production body and final lights on M5 prototypes. Codenamed G90, the super sedan has been caught in action at the Nürburgring where multiple camouflaged test vehicles are being evaluated. The most interesting of the bunch has a license plate ending in “3677” and has a close-to-production appearance.

That doesn’t mean the new M5 will debut alongside the 5 Series G60 in a few weeks. BMW will likely wait until later in 2024 to introduce the high-performance range topper, with an M5 Touring G91 to appear shortly thereafter. The sharp design we’ve seen on regular 5er prototypes is noticeable here but with a subtle trunk lid spoiler and a menacing quad exhaust system.

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It’s easy to spot the wider wheel arches as well as a different front bumper with air curtains on the sides along with intakes to cool down the V8. Speaking of which, the next-gen M5 will continue to use a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8, but a newly developed S68 already powering the XM, 760i, and X7 M60i. It can also be found in the M Performance and M versions of the recently facelifted X5 and X6.

You won’t be finding split headlights or an unusually tall kidney grille of the next M5 as BMW won’t be taking any risks with the exterior design. We’re getting a modernized E60 M5 vibe, but obviously without its glorious V10 naturally aspirated engine. For the new large sports sedan, the M division is expected to tweak the plug-in hybrid V8 setup to extract a little over 700 hp.

As impressive as the combined output might be, let’s keep in mind the revamped M5 will likely be heavier after adding the electric motor and the battery pack. It might even hit the 2,000-kilogram mark considering the outgoing M5 F90 tips the scales at 1,895 kg. Needless to say, BMW intends to sell the AMG E63 rival only with xDrive and an automatic transmission.

Source: Automotive Mike / YouTube