Under the category a little bit too early, the upcoming 2024 BMW 5 Series seem to have been leaked.  As is often the case, Instagram is the platform where such leaks tend to surface, and this time is no exception. Based on the image, it’s evident that the rear end of the G60 BMW 5 Series is the subject of the leak. The taillights are consistent with previous spy photos, and the flush door handles are another telltale sign. It’s neither a 7 Series nor a 3 Series, so simple deduction points to the 2024 BMW 5 Series.

Unfortunately for the BMW communications and marketing teams, such leaks are not ideal since the shared images are often of poor quality and don’t showcase the car’s full potential. Nonetheless, the G60 is here and at a first glance, it’s a sharp and sleek one. The taillights show some interesting horizontal graphic bars while the trunk and bumper design features clean surfaces. We can’t see much of the side view, but of course, the Hofmeister kink is there and the aforementioned flushed door handles.


While BMW’s recent designs have sparked controversy, the majority of the criticism has been directed at the front fascia. The 7 Series, X7 facelift, and the XM are notable examples, with their massive kidney grilles and split headlights. However, the back end of these models has been less divisive. With the upcoming release of the new 5 Series, BMW is not only playing it safe in terms of rear design but also adopting a more conventional approach to the front.

We expect to see sleek and slim headlights with two interesting LEDs inside and a normal size kidney grille. Additionally, it gets more of a shark nose than every before, reminiscent of classic BMW cars. We expect the kidneys to slightly grown in size and likely to feature an illuminated contour. If you’re going for the M Sport Package, expect the same aggressive central air intake with large air curtains on the side.

BMW plans to unveil the new 5 Series on May 23rd, afternoon in the United States, but until then, you can always catch our drive review of the BMW i5.

[Top Image: motor.es]