What you’re looking at in these photos might be the ultimate two-car BMW garage on the market. Of all the cars currently on sale from Bavaria, if I had to choose just two to keep, it’d be these two—the BMW M3 Touring and Z4 M40i. Not only do they offer two unique driving experiences that would make everyday life wonderful, but they’re also probably the two best driving BMWs on sale right now. So take a look at this photo gallery from Slovenia and daydream about the ultimate BMW duo.

The daily driver of the two is obviously the BMW M3 Touring. As far as daily drivers go, the M3 Touring is just about the best Bimmer on sale. It’s as practical as a normal 3 Series Touring, which is to say that it’s just as practical as the average crossover, and it seats five people. So it works perfectly for the daily grind. However, it’s also a 503 horsepower M3 Competition xDrive under its pragmatic skin. So it’s shockingly, stupendously fast, as we recently learned. Not only that but it might also be the best driving car in BMW’s lineup. So you can have a blast on your daily commute and blow off steam on the drive home from work.

BMW Slovenia

Once it’s time for the weekend, you can hop into the BMW Z4 M40i, especially when the sun is shining. The Z4 M40i might not get as much praise as its main competitor, the Porsche Boxster, but it’s still a fantastic little roadster. It has a flavor all of its own, that’s every bit as endearing as the Boxster’s, just in a very different way. The Z4 M40i is less of a scalpel and more of a muscle car, as its 382 horsepower straight-six will roast the Z4’s rear tires with ease. But it also has great steering, a wonderful chassis, a cool interior, and an open-top driving experience.

These two cars together can provide you with just about every sort of driving experience you could want, while also handling the mundane stuff that you need. There are other cool BMWs on the market, such as the M2, XM, and M4 CSL, but if I were choosing a two-car BMW garage, these are the two I’d pick.

[Source: BMW Slovenia, Žiga Intihar @zigaintihar]