“P6E” is the codename for British Racing Green, one of the many Individual paints offered by BMW for the M3 Touring. We haven’t seen the G81 in this shade yet, and we’d argue it looks quite fetching, especially since the super wagon also boasts the M anniversary roundels. It has a clean appearance by doing away with the M Performance Parts that have the tendency to create a busy design if you go for the complete package.

As its name implies, British Racing Green has its roots in the United Kingdom, specifically in the Gordon Bennett Cup held in the early 1900s in Ireland when it was still part of the UK. Green cars are few and far between these days, and seeing a wagon in this shade is quite rare. As always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we’d take green over the typical grey shades without hesitation.

Although BMW sells the M3 Touring only as a Competition model with xDrive, it doesn’t offer customers the possibility to opt for a carbon fiber roof. It would’ve been too much of a hassle at the factory in Munich where the G81 is made to rework the assembly line for what the German luxury brand expects to be a low-volume product. Wagons have largely fallen out of favor due to the rise of SUVs, and factoring in the long-roof M3 isn’t exactly cheap, it seems unlikely it’ll be a strong seller.

British Racing Green is just one of the several green shades you can get for the AMG C63 rival. Other relevant examples include Sanremo Green, Irish Green, Anglesey Green, and Verdant Green Pearl Metallic. You can configure the M3 Touring in all its green glory with the much-improved Individual Visualizer launched recently.

Although BMW has had the M3 wagon on sale for less than a year, it’s already testing a hotter CS. The limited-run special edition has yet to get the green light (pun intended) since its existence depends on the available production capacity in Munich.

Source: The19Tommy85 / YouTube