TRE, a manufacturer of high-performance aftermarket car parts, introduces a custom-designed carbon fiber bodykit for the new BMW M2 G87. The aero package features a front splitter, front bonnet, side fender trim, side skirts, rear wing, and rear bumper spats made from premium 2×2 twill pre-preg carbon fiber. The idea behind this aero upgrade is to create a motorsport-inspired look while reducing the weight of the new M2.

The company says that the bodykit is engineered by an expert team of automotive designers, including professionals with experience working at BMW. To create this visual package and lightweight parts, TRE’s engineers used advanced computer-aided design (CAD) methods, along with 3D-captured data from the actual G87 M2. Therefore, the company says it guarantees unparalleled fitment and a cohesive design that flawlessly integrates with the M2’s style.

Aero Package with Carbon Fiber Parts

Photo by TRE and AUTOID

One stand out piece is the carbon fiber front splitter which is said to improve the G87 M2’s aerodynamics by optimizing airflow. Additionally, the lightweight splitter reduces drag, increasing downforce, and directing additional air into the front brake ducts for enhanced cooling. Another upgrade focuses on the side fender trim and side skirts which have integrated canards in the winglet section. The idea here is to complement the vehicle’s aerodynamic package and increasing downforce.

Photo by TRE and AUTOID

Of course, it wouldn’t be a motorsport-inspired project with a massive wing. The lightweight carbon fiber rear wing is supported by titanium uprights with three adjustable settings: Road, Sport, and Track. The massive wing provides a balanced compromise between visual appearance, downforce and minimal drag. The carbon fiber rear bumper spats complete this aerodynamic package.

According to AUTOID, the official distributor for TRE, this is the first aero package in the world for the new BMW M2. Dealers interested in offering TRE’s carbon fiber bodykit to their customers can contact their sales team at You can also learn more about the package here.