If you’ve been playing internet sleuth, trying to uncover the upcoming MINI Cooper’s design based on camouflaged spy photos, you can stop. MINI just revealed some photos of the upcoming electric MINI Cooper S, completely free of its camouflage, ahead of its official reveal. No specs or details were released yet, nor did MINI show off the interior, but there are four photos of the new electric hatchback that completely show off its design.

I really like what MINI did here with the new Cooper S. It still looks like a proper MINI and, while it’s certainly grown in size, it hasn’t visually gotten much bigger, if at all. MINI has done an excellent job hiding its growth but giving it tight, clean body work that almost looks shrink-wrapped around its chassis. Its low roofline and wide stance make it seem low and aggressive, while the lines in its hood at some visual drama.

Like with most modern BMWs, the grille is enormous, there’s just not a big body colored panel in the middle of it. Being the electric version, there’s very little in the way of air intake in the front end, with only some vents seemingly at the bottom. The headlights are similarly large ovals but their filled with some very clever looking LEDs.

Out back, MINI gave the new Cooper a unique taillights design. Flanking a trim bar, the taillights are two horizontally opposed triangles that look to each make up one half of the Union Jack. MINI couldn’t make a toaster without having a Union Jack on it, could it? Looking at it from the back, though, and you see just how much wider the rear wheel arches are than the rest of the body. It’s such a squat little machine that it looks like fun. And that’s sort of the whole point of MINIs is that they’re supposed to be fun above all else.

The side mirrors look pretty big for a hatchback and the outside door handles look plucked from a BMW i4. However, overall, this is a very handsome looking hatchback and we can’t wait to see it in the flesh.