Seeing the BMW M2 in a video on the Nurburgring isn’t really anything new. The M2 was revealed awhile ago, so we’ve already seen it in its entirety. However, this G87 M2 lapping the ‘Ring in this new video gives potential customers a good look at something they might not have seen just yet—a Sapphire Black Metallic M2.

Nearly every single M2 that BMW has trotted out for media or promotional purposes has been one of either two colors: Zandvoort Blue or Toronto Red. Admittedly, those are the most exciting colors the M2 has to offer, as there really are only a handful and most are monochromatic. However, many customers like more aggressive, moodier M cars and would prefer something like Black Sapphire Metallic and BMW just doesn’t really put many black M2s in the media.

Which is why seeing this black BMW M2 hitting the ‘Ring gives many potential customers an idea of what their desired car might look like. And, to be fair, the vast majority of M customers do get their cars in monochromatic colors, such as black and white. So this video actually does more of a service to BMW M customers than most of BMW’s promotional media.

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The BMW M2 does look good in black, if I’m being honest. I prefer sports cars in fun colors, like blues, reds, and yellows, but the M2 is an odd duck of a car. Its very good looking in some ways; proportionally, size, and overall shape; but its grille is weird and its taillights are a ungainly. So painting it black and giving it black wheels hides some of its odder details. Thankfully, the overall good looking silhouette remains, even when it’s completely blacked out. You can also still see how swollen its rear wheel arches are, even with the black paint hiding its shadows and lines, so it still looks butch and aggressive.

This blacked out BMW M2 is likely a better example of the sorts of M2 you might actually see on the road, instead of the Zandvoort Blue ones. As cool as I personally think those colors are, I’m in the tiny minority. The vast majority of BMW M customers prefer simpler colors. Without question, the best selling colors will be Black Sapphire Metallic, Alpine White, and Brooklyn Grey. However, BMW will be releasing a few new colors for the M2 in the next couple of years, so we may see an influx in more interesting M2s in the future. [Photos by]