BMW enthusiasts can now upgrade their ride with a new M Performance suspension for the 2023 BMW M2. The suspension comes with height-adjustable spring cups, allowing the ride height to be lowered by up to 10 millimeters. This new suspension was specifically tuned for the BMW M2 and is usable on both tracks and regular roads. There was previously confusion around whether the Height Adjustable Suspension (HAS) Kit was installed at the port or as a dealer-installed option. However, BMW of North America has confirmed that the height adjustable kit is a port-installed option for the new BMW M2. Initially, BMW told us in an interview that the option is not available as an install at the port. But of course, each market is different, so maybe that was lost in translation.

When it comes to installing aftermarket parts or accessories, many BMW owners are concerned about the impact on their vehicle’s warranty. However, opting for a port-installed option like the Height Adjustable Suspension (HAS) Kit for the 2023 BMW M2 can offer some compelling warranty benefits.

Firstly, port-installed options are approved by the vehicle’s manufacturer and are typically included in the new vehicle’s warranty. This means that if any issues arise as a result of the installation, the manufacturer is responsible for correcting them. Additionally, they are also installed by trained professionals who are familiar with the specific model and have access to the necessary tools and equipment. Finally, the cost difference between a port-installed option and a dealer-installed option is often minimal.

According to the ShopBMWUSA website, the BMW M Performance Sports Suspension Kit for the BMW M2 is priced at $1,790. Of course, the new G87 M2 comes with a wide range of M Performance Parts, likely the largest ever offered. It starts at the front with a splitter and carbon fiber inserts. Then the 2023 BMW M2 gets side skirts, front fender spats, as well as a new M Performance exhaust, which features a unique quad pipe arrangement stacked in a triangular shape at the center of the rear bumper. But of course, it’s the racing wing that stands out the most on the 2023 BMW M2.

You can see some of these M Performance Parts here: