This generation of MINI is on its way out. That includes every MINI model, from the little Cooper hatch all the way up to the Countryman. The forgotten model in the lineup is the MINI Clubman, which is a shame because it’s actually quite a good little car. However, its time is also ending soon, so MINI decided to give it one final sendoff, aptly named the MINI Clubman Final Edition.

The first Mini Clubman debuted way back in 1969, when its designer Roy Haynes said “The impression that only ugly things can be functional has disappeared.” Good ole Haynes had a point. The original Clubman was a cool looking little car and was more spacious and practical than most small cars. Fast forward all the way to 2007, during BMW’s ownership and the capitalization of the MINI nameplate, the Clubman returned. Now, in its newest generation, the Clubman still offers a compact but practical shape, cool looks, and fun driving dynamics.

3 Colors – Nanuq White, Enigmatic Black, and Melting Silver

For Final Edition-duty, the Clubman comes in Cooper, Cooper S, and typical diesel flavors, gets three special colors—Nanuq White, Enigmatic Black, and Melting Silver—and Shimmer Copper trim. Its 18 inch wheels are also unique to the Final Edition model. Because the MINI Clubman Final Edition will be limited to 1,969 models, to honor the year the of the original Clubman, the C-pillar will features a “1 of 1969” badge.

Inside, the Clubman Final Edition gets some Sage Dark Green and more Shimmer Copper trim, as well as its own “1 of 1969” badges. The seats are a Dark Maroon color with anthracite-colored Piquet fabric insert.

Mechanically, though, Clubman Final Edition isn’t any different than the standard car. It has all of the same engines, most notably the 2.0-liter turbo-four from the Cooper S model, the same transmission options, and it’s also available in either front or all-wheel drive. While that might feel a bit less special than you might have been hoping for, it’s a good thing, too.

The Clubman is a good little car to drive. It’s sharp, sporty, fun to chuck around, an dit rides well enough to live with on a daily basis. It might be considerably bigger than the original Clubman but it hasn’t lost any of the original car’s driving pleasure. The MINI Clubman is still a lovely thing to drive, even if it’s sort of been forgotten over the years. Now, though, it’s time for it to end and for usher in the next generation of MINI.