Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato doesn’t seem to want to stop spilling the beans on the Italian brand’s plans for future EVs. After learning about Alfa’s upcoming 1,000 horsepower electric Giulia, now Imparato is saying that a BMW iX-rivaling electric SUV is set to debut in 2028, which would likely make it the largest SUV Alfa Romeo’s ever made.

According to Auto Express, Imparato said that Alfa Romeo would debut a large E-segment electric sedan in 2027, likely something to compete with the BMW i5. In addition to that, though, Alfa also seems to be preparing an electric SUV, one that could rival the BMW iX and would be marketed mostly for the U.S. and China.

Whatever the big Alfa Romeo SUV ends up being, it won’t be a Stelvio replacement. Instead, it will be sold alongside an electric Stelvio successor. It also won’t be the car Alfa Romeo leads with. Instead, that will be the “E-Segment” sedan that will take on the 5 Series and i5. The reason for Alfa leading with a sedan is range, “because when you look at EV, you look at range and if you speak about range, you speak about sedan,” Imparato told AE.

All new electric Alfa Romeos will be built on Stellantis’ upcoming STLA electric architecture, which can accept battery sizes of up to 118 kWh and Imparato claims that 435 miles is a realistic number for the new Alfa sedan. That car will be the range showcase for the brand and then the iX-fighter will debut, which will likely have less range due to being bigger, heavier, and less aerodynamic.

Regardless of body style, though, Imparato was adamant that the new Alfas will drive like proper Alfas. “The contribution of the guys on the chassis is key,” he said.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that most car enthusiasts will be happy about the introduction of new Alfa electric vehicles. While Alfas aren’t always the best or have the best tech, the car industry—nigh, the world—is better when there are more Alfa Romeos in it. Plus, BMW is at its best when its trying to keep Alfa Romeo off of its tail. After the Giulia Quadrifoglio slapped the F80 M3 around, BMW M debuted the G80 M3, which is astonishingly good to drive. When Alfa comes out with this new sedan and SUV, in addition to a new Quadrifoglio and Stelvio, customers will actually have some interesting electric options from Italy and that always makes me happy.

[Source: Auto Express]