Typically, after one’s body enters a hearse, there’s little need for speed. Hearses aren’t emergency vehicles, going quickly isn’t really the point. But what if someone wanted their last car ride to be a proper one, even if they’ll never consciously experience it? Well that’s what this E61 BMW M5 Touring hearse is for.

It’s actually hard to tell if this car started out life as an E61 M5 Touring or just an E60 M5 Sedan but either way, the entire body from the B-pilar back is different. It loses its rear doors, gains an odd roof hump, and massive rear tinted windows. Interestingly, it still has its quad exhausts.

Obviously, this M5 hearse wasn’t made by BMW. It was homemade in Athens, Greece and it certainly looks it. It isn’t exactly the prettiest build you’ll ever see. However, that’s not really the point, is it? Instead, the point is to take someone to their final resting spot in a way that would do them proud. If someone’s a car enthusiasts, especially a BMW enthusiast, there are few better ways to have their body transported to its end.

Not the actual car

The E60 BMW M5 used a 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V10 that revved past 8,000 rpm and most an incredible, spine-tingling noise on the way there. It also pumped out 500 horsepower and was paired with a six-speed sequential manual transmission (in Europe, a manual was offered in North America). Can you imagine seeing a hearse leading a funeral procession at 150 mph with a screaming V10 shattering the eardrums of passersby? It would be bizarre, absurd, and absolutely awesome.

Non car enthusiasts will see this hearse as tacky and obnoxious, and maybe it is both of those things. But I’m not one to stick to tradition and I feel like people should go out however they want, even if it’s a bit obnoxious. And if anyone wants their last car ride to be a triple-digit, V10-powered blast, then more power to them.

[Source: Car Scoops]