KW is showing respect to the elderly by revisiting the original all-wheel-drive BMW to give it a custom suspension setup. Sold between 1985 and 1991, the 325ix from the E30 era can now be fitted with an updated KW V3 Classic coilover kit to lower the second-generation 3 Series sports sedan from 30 to 50 millimeters (1.2 to 2 inches) at both front and rear axles.

The aftermarket company explains the chassis technology of the time is no longer suitable for modern tires, which is why the custom dampers can be individually adjusted to better suit current, wider tires. The rebound is configurable with 16 clicks, and the higher you go, the more controlled chassis movements get. This stiffer chassis should pay dividends on a track as well as during high-speed cornering on public roads.

There are no fewer than 12 clicks to adjust the compression to boost wheel traction, which has a direct impact on the car’s handling. KW goes as far as to say the 325ix fitted with the coilover suspension offers a ride almost as smooth as today’s 3 Series but without losing the charisma of a BMW from the 1980s. Shown here is the four-door sedan riding on BBS wheels but the all-paw 3 Series E30 was also sold as a wagon.

Along with the 325i and 325is, the 325ix was the most powerful 3 Series E30 excluding the many M3 variations. It had a naturally aspirated inline-six engine codenamed “M20” and a 2.5-liter displacement. It made just under 170 horsepower and a little over 220 Newton-meters of torque.

Made from galvanized steel, the KW V3 Classic Coilover Kit tailored to the first BMW equipped with AWD will set you back €2,399, plus shipping costs. Since it’s a build-to-order product, it takes about six to eight weeks to have it delivered. The company also caters to owners of modern vehicles from Bavaria, including the M3 Touring, available with a V4 coilover kit.

Source: KW