The automotive world just keeps on giving these days, with rare finds popping up here and there, seemingly more often than usual. Maybe it’s just because everyone is running out of stories to run during quarantine but I’ve been seeing more mint cars in the last few weeks than ever and this 1991 BMW E30 325ix is no exception. Not long ago we covered a different one with more than just a few miles on the clock, available for a measly price of $6,000. Today we’re looking at the other end of the spectrum.

It’s a known fact that mint BMW E30 M3 models are now going for six-figure sums on the regular but what about the less loved and yet still mighty fun to drive BMW 325ix? Is it worth at least half of what an M3 is asking for? Looking over the prices these cars go for, you could easily say it’s not but what about a car that has only 510 kilometers on the clock? One such time-traveling machine can be bought now over at SuperVettura.

The UK-based Koenigsegg dealer is usually selling multi-million dollar machines from Sweden but it looks like even they can’t stay away from the E30 madness that has seemingly taken over the world right now.

Their inventory now includes this mint 1991 BMW E30 325ix model and I think it may be one of the best E30s on sale today. With that kind of mileage on the odometer, it’s damn near impossible to find a model in better shape out there.

As you may imagine, this thing is absolutely mint. It was never even registered and it comes with everything stock. Sure, the rubber seals and a lot of other things might’ve been subjected to the inevitable decay that eats away at rubber over such a long period of time but even so, this is definitely worth a look over.

According to the company selling it, this was part of a collection belonging to a Danish car enthusiast and was kept in a climate controlled aircraft hangar. All that being considered, is the $50,000 price fair?

[Source: Car Scoops]