Configuring a new BMW M3 Touring is a time-consuming yet immensely satisfying process since there are numerous ways to spec the super wagon. The G81 gets the full gamut of goodies, from the usual options like colors and wheel designs to M Performance Parts and Individual upgrades. One combination we haven’t seen before just arrived at a dealer in Luxemburg.

Wearing the 50 years of M anniversary roundel, Bavaria’s long-awaited performance estate is dressed to impress in the pricey Individual Tanzanite Blue metallic paint, which was added to the 7 Series’ color palette at the beginning of the year. It gets the desirable 826 M bicolor wheels along with a glossy black roof. Speaking of which, there is no carbon fiber option for the M3 Touring’s roof as it’s only available on the sedan. With the 2023 3 Series LCI, the M340i also gets the lightweight panel.

BMW M3 Touring Tanzanite Blue / Etienne Marchand /

Light-colored leather is always a bold choice for a car interior and this G81 is no exception. It boasts a Silverstone/Black cabin we don’t remember seeing on the M3 Touring until now. The two-tone look extends onto the dashboard where the iDrive 8 calls home with its pair of screens above a reworked center console featuring slimmer central air vents and few traditional buttons.

The photos taken at the BMW Bilia-Emond Luxembourg dealership remind us that the M3 – be it the sedan or the wagon – uses the bulky gear lever for the automatic transmission whereas the 3 Series LCI (including the M340i) has switched to a small selector. Similarly, the 2023 M3 hasn’t received the sharper-looking headlights of the lesser 3er introduced with last year’s facelift.

Unlike the M3 Sedan available in multiple hardware configurations, its long-roof companion comes only as a Competition model with xDrive and an automatic transmission. We wouldn’t hold our breath for a hotter derivative akin to the M3 CS, but with the G81 believed to remain in production until late 2027, BMW will likely spruce up the sports wagon with at least one enticing limited-run special edition.

Source: BMW Bilia-Emond Luxembourg / Instagram