Joe Achilles is one of the first YouTubers to take delivery of a BMW M3 Touring, so naturally we’re going to keep up with his videos about it. Especially since we, as Americans, can’t buy the M3 Touring, so we have to live vicariously through European and UK customers, like Achilles. However, like most of his cars, he couldn’t leave the M3 Touring stock and he takes it to get some mild modifications in this new video.

Fortunately for Achilles, he didn’t have to go far to find parts for it. Since the M3 Touring is essentially an M3 Competition sedan from the B-pillar forward, he was able to take all of his aftermarket parts from his M3 Competition that he traded in and have them fitted to his new M3 Touring. At the time of the parts being put on, the car was only ten days old, so he barely drove it at all before giving it some minor upgrades.

The parts that he essentially transferred from the sedan to the Touring were a new carbon fiber front splitter, Eibach lowering springs for the front axle, wheel spacers, and even a detail, among other things. All of those mods are simple but they should make a significant different to the way the car looks and feels. The front end will be stiffer and sharper and it will look quite a bit better.

There are still more things for him to do, though, as his M3 Competition was pretty significantly modified. His sedan had all of the aforementioned mods, along with a new exhaust, an Eventuri intake, upgraded shock tower braces and anti-roll bars, and even a thinner, Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel. That last bit is important because it not only feels much better in hand but its thinner diameter allows more road and steering feel through the rim, making it feel more communicative and engaging.

Once the first round of mods were done, Achilles’ M3 Touring was looking significantly better than before. When you compare the stock car to his car, the stock car’s front ride height looks SUV-like and the front end looks like it’s missing something. Those small changes make a big difference to the way the car looks. And it’s only going to get better as he continues to upgrade it. Personally, I’d like to see him also give it the ADRO front bumper and grille, because I think it completely fixes the car’s front end design, but that’s just me.