One of the most action-packed videos shot lately on the Nürburgring consists of a veritable duel between two significantly different takes on a performance car. One is a high-powered luxury sedan while the other is a bespoke machine built from the ground up as a sports car. A previous-generation M3 (F80) was pitted against the AMG GT S Coupe in a full lap of the grueling Nordschleife.

Onboard footage shot from dashcams inside both cars shows the two cars at each other’s throats while overtaking other vehicles during what seemed to be a busy tourist day. Because it was slightly raining, the road was a bit damp, which the M3 driver discovered first-hand considering the tail-happy nature of his speedy sedan.

This 10-minute video is all about the BMW driver managing to stay ahead of the AMG. Things get a bit hectic every now and then, and the two cars nearly collided at the 6:45 mark. The M3 driver isn’t afraid to take more risks, and perhaps he is a bit too courageous while going through the corner and overtaking other cars. It did manage to always stay ahead during a friendly battle with the GT S.

As far as the cars are concerned, the M3 had the Competition Package and a stage 1 aftermarket package from ShifTech. Its twin-turbo 3.0-liter “S55” inline-six engine has been dialed to 540 hp, thus giving it roughly 100 hp more than the original version. Courtesy of the newly gained muscle, it outpunches the M178 engine inside the GT S where the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 makes 503 hp in stock form.

It’s worth noting the AMG had the stock engine but it too has been modded by Renntech with a custom KW suspension and EBC Yellowstuff brakes. The BMW had the standard suspension as well as the OEM brakes.

Source: SLM 2K / YouTube