Shopping for a new car in the luxury segment unlocks many possibilities to customize the vehicle well beyond what automakers offer for their mainstream models. The BMW X7 is no exception as the fullsize premium SUV is highly configurable, with numerous paint jobs, leather upholsteries, wheel designs, interior trims, and optional amenities. Case in point, this facelifted xDrive40d has quite a few boxes ticked on the options list.

One of the priciest paint jobs offered by the Bavarian brand for its largest SUV is Ametrin Metallic. Available from the Individual catalog, the swanky color will set you back €2,400 at home in Germany where only Frozen Pure Grey Metallic is more expensive, at a steep €3,800. The three-row luxobarge rides on what is arguably the most elegant wheels, a multi-spoke 22-inch set (757 style). You can go even bigger and opt for 23-inch alloys.

Stepping inside, the extended Merino leather in Ivory White lends the cabin a sophisticated look. With the mid-cycle facelift introduced last year, the seven-seat vehicle gained a nifty ambient light bar on the passenger side of the dashboard where there’s now a prominent “X7” logo. On the M Performance (M60i) version, it gets an “M” instead.

The LCI is easily identifiable on the inside thanks to the iDrive 8 with a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster to the left of a 14.9-inch touchscreen. Making room on the center console for the latter display prompted BMW to design slimmer central air vents. The dashboard contains fewer conventional buttons, and you’ll also notice a small gear selector. One feature we weren’t necessarily expecting to see is the fire extinguisher ahead of the front passenger seat.

2023 will be the X7 LCI’s first full year on sale and it’ll be interesting to see how demand will be impacted by the controversial split headlights. We’re gradually getting used to the unusual layout, which has also been adopted by the 7 Series G70 and the new XM plug-in hybrid super SUV.

Source: RoCars / YouTube