Luxury car buyers are beginning to lean toward electric vehicles. Last year, Tesla dominated the premium car sales sheet, proving that buyers with deep pockets preferred EVs. BMW customers are now showing that preference, as 43 percent of German 7 Series customers reportedly chose the BMW i7 last month.

According to this report from BimmerToday, the i7 is growing in popularity in Germany and it’s not hard to see why. The BMW i7 is the best version of the new 7 Series, with its impossibly smooth powertrain, near-Rolls-Royce levels of refinement, and impressive performance. The gas and diesel engine versions are good but they’re not quite as good as the i7, as electric powertrains just work better in luxury cars.

Of course, 43 percent isn’t the majority but it’s a big chunk, especially when you consider how expensive it is. In Germany, and most of Europe to be fair, most luxury cars—7 Series, S-Class, A8—are equipped with smaller diesel engines. The next most popular 7 Series model was the 740d. That’s because diesels are cheaper to buy and cheaper to run. There’s also a bit of reverse badge snobbery, as many Germans don’t want to be seen driving around in top-spec 7ers, at least from what my German colleagues tell me (it’s why so many top-spec luxury cars are de-badged). So that the i7 has become so popular is impressive because, at the moment, there’s only one version and it’s among the priciest 7ers you can get.

That said, the BMW i7 is sort of excluded from the snobbery that so many Germans want to avoid. Its electric powertrain provides it with a green image that’s anti-snobbish. Even if you’re wealthy enough to afford the i7, it looks like you’re also looking after the planet and are eco-conscious, so you’re abstained from much of the criticism surrounding mass wealth, rightly or wrongly.

The irony of that is the fact that even snobbish customers would likely prefer the i7. It’s smoother, quieter, faster, and more refined than the gas-powered versions, so why not choose it? Either way, though, it’s good to see the BMW i7 gaining traction, as it’s a great electric luxury car. In fact, it’s among the best electric luxury cars on the market, thanks to its roomy back seat and impressive technology. And it will only get more popular as less expensive, less powerful variants debut. Once that happens, it’s very possible that the i7 becomes the most popular 7 Series on the market.

[Source: BimmerToday]