BMW unveiled the 3.0 CSL in November 2022 but it never talked about the price tag. We’ve been saying all along the modern-day Batmobile is the most expensive new car from the German brand ever, and now we have official confirmation. Of the 50 vehicles planned for production with the company’s most powerful inline-six ever, unit #41 is coming to Spain with a starting price of €605,000.

Factor in the value-added tax (21% in Spain) and other fees, and the price rises to around €800,000, according to BMW Spain. However, the car might go for even more money since it’ll be available through an auction. In other words, €800,000 is only the reserve price, meaning deep-pocketed enthusiasts willing to have a slice of history will have to pay extra should there be a bidding war.

In the event it’ll be sold for more than €800,000, BMW Spain has pledged to donate the proceeds above that threshold to a charitable cause that will be announced later. The 3.0 CSL will be sold by Soulauto Inversiones SL, a company specializing in this type of sale. Interested parties from Portugal will also be able to place a bid to own the absolute M4 flagship.

Much like Ferrari is doing with its ultra-exclusive models by conditioning buyers to have an existing model, you’ll have to own an M car to be given the opportunity to take part in the auction. People will have to sign up on the SoulAuto platform to express interest and will be invited to take part in a private auction scheduled to start today, February 14, and end two weeks later, on February 28, at 6 PM local time.

Even if the 3.0 CSL will go for “only” €800,000, which we have a feeling that it won’t, that’ll still make it nearly four times more expensive than the M4 CSL, which retailed for €209,963 in Spain. As it stands, the most affordable M4 available in the country is the rear-wheel-drive Competition Coupe from €124,350 or roughly six and a half times less than the 3.0 CSL’s starting bid.

Source: BMW