If anyone knows the differences between different cars’ launch controls, it’s Carwow’s Mat Watson. He’s done more launch control drag races than possibly anyone on the planet, in just about every car you can imagine. So when he says these are the best car launches, you’d better believe him. And several BMWs are on his list, perhaps unsurprisingly.

Obviously, there are some very special, unique cars on the list, cars that have no equal like the McMurtry Speirling. However, among the more readily available production brands, BMW is probably second to only Porsche when it comes to launch control prowess. Admittedly, BMW’s launch control procedure is about as easy to use as piloting a space shuttle but once it finally works, it’s capable of launching Bavarian steeds with absurd efficiency.

Some of the Bimmers on this list are ultra-expensive, high-performance cars like the BMW iX M60. However, some of them are more affordable and reasonably powered, like the BMW M240i xDrive. The wide spectrum of BMWs that are on this list proves just how good BMW is at developing and calibrating launch control.

The slowest BMW on the list was the aforementioned M240i, which uses a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six with 382 horsepower and 369 lb-ft. That isn’t much by today’s standards, especially when it seems like 600 horsepower cars are popping up every other day. However, BMW was able to make them most out of that modest level of power, as the M240i xDrive is capable of hitting 60 mph quicker than the last-generation BMW M2, despite having less power. That proves that all-wheel drive, low-end torque, all-wheel drive, and well calibrated launch control can outperform raw power.

What’s interesting is that BMW is equally as good at calibrating launch control even with electric powertrains. BMW’s gas-powered cars like the M24o, M3, and M8 are monstrous off the line but so too are the BMW i4 and iX. Both of those electric cars are even more effective and launching hard, due to their low-end electric torque and instantaneous throttle response. Despite the BMW iX M60 weighing as much as a small moon, it still launches to 60 mph in around the same time as Ferraris did from not too long ago.

Which BMW that Watson tested was the fastest? You’ll have to watch this new video to find out but it is shocking to see just how many ultra-fast Bimmers are currently on sale and how different they all are.