With electric vehicles looming, the introduction of an M3 Touring with an inline-six engine was now or never. BMW took its sweet time coming out with a long-roof M3 that people could actually buy considering the E46 M3 Touring from 2000 was a one-off affair. It’s finally here, including for right-hand-drive markets such as the UK where this video was shot. Carwow had the opportunity to sample the AMG C63 Estate rival, and sure enough, it was blistering quick.

In typical BMW fashion, the G81’s performance has been underrated as the M3 Touring did 0 to 60 mph in a mind-boggling 3.37 seconds. It represents quite the improvement compared to the official sprint time of 3.6 seconds and is even more impressive when you consider this is still a wagon at heart. It went on to hit 100 mph in 8.04 seconds before completing the quarter mile in 11.53 seconds.

It feels like the ideal solution for a one-car garage by combining the performance of an M3 with the versatility of the Touring and the comfort and luxury of a 3 Series. Sadly a forbidden fruit in North America, the M3 Touring is for Carwow’s Mat Watson the car he’d choose to drive for the rest of his life.

The charismatic car reviewer said the Audi RS4 Avant is similar but the BMW is much better at going fast around the corners. In addition, he said the RS6 Avant is not as fun to drive as the fast Bavarian wagon since it cannot match the driver involvement offered by the M3 estate.

The car in question has a desirable specification by combining a Frozen Pure Grey paint with black wheels and the anniversary M emblems. It also happens to have a carbon fiber exterior package while the interior is finished in extended Fiona Red Merino leather upholstery with black accents. The M3 Touring featured here has been fitted with the optional carbon fiber front bucket seats.

The G81 truly feels like the all-in-one car but it’ll cost you a pretty penny since the starting price in the UK is £85,165. Play with the configurator and it won’t take too long before you’ll reach six figures. An even more expensive fast wagon from BMW M will arrive around 2025 when the M5 Touring is said to return for a third iteration.

Source: Carwow / YouTube